Who are we?

Nica Ad Network,A personal project that was born from the professional experience gained during this time in the area of marketing and sales, with the Relationship of more than 10 years with The Tico Times , the introduction of The Nica Times in Nicaragua. Nica Ad Network will be a website designed, very friendly, a directory focused on 4 main sections: Hotels, Restaurants, Services in General and the Real Estate section.
Our monthly newsletter will be sent to potential clients to announce discounts and new offers in the market.
Our Blog, to talk about Our beautiful Nicaragua, destinations, places, new projects, beaches and much more.
Its main objective is to serve as a reference, recommend, direct and promote your business. The main idea Nica Ad Network is to connect the advertiser with the customer and serve as a reference for your company.

Nica Ad Network was also created with the need to facilitate and expedite the search for promotions, tour packages, offers, Business in General (Restaurants, Hotels, Real Estate and services)
We will work with different strategies to make your products known, mainly our Network. Which is aimed at a potential market of Latinos abroad and Nicaraguan with purchasing power High, Bilingual, professionals

Finally, our small Real Estate Section will be able to find housing projects, individual properties limited to certain parameters, companies targeted to this real estate sector, Nica Ad Network  will support to maximize the search of potential clients to your company, always based on an approach of finding the Best offer on the market. We will be your referent.

Our mission
Serve as a bridge that will interlace your business with potential customers, we will be your referent through our page, working our network. Reaching excellent target markets, niches markets through innovative strategies and create traffic that will generate greater and better results for your business. Strongly working our trade alliances at the level of Central America and the United States.

Our vision:
Position our website as an excellent business directory, envision us and continue to create alliances in Central America to cover more needs, reach better markets and thus optimize results for each of the different businesses. We will be the bridge that interlace to all. Let the world know your business through Us.


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