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Special Packages with  The Tico Times Online Newspaper

Something about our  business partner:

Established in 1956, The Tico
Times has built incomparable brand recognition and positioning
among international and potential residents of Costa Rica.
Our daily readers in and out of Costa Rica are interested in travel,
lifestyle, real estate, arts and culture, dining and nightlife,
investment, philanthropy and more.Our team is ready to work with
you to create the best strategies for your business on our
platforms, increase traffic to you website and social media, and get
the most from your publicity budget


720 X 90

HOME PAGE                               SECONDARY
$200                                                    $100
300 X 250
$150                                                   $75
LOWER BANNER 720 X 90 $100                                                  $50

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Why Nica Ad Network?

Our commercial alliance through a newspaper with more than 58 years in the market (
• International reach between the United States and Costa Rica.
• Online Presence 24/7
• The profile of our clients and followers are: Foreign residents, bilinguals, Tourists, Investors and Students, people with medium and high purchasing power.
• Publications in our monthly blog with a tourist focus.
Creation and sending of our newsletter to our list of personalized emails. And marketing.

Strategic alliances with companies in Nicaragua CentroAmerica that improve our results.
• Our public relations experience to build partnership and serve as the best referent make the big difference.
• Exposure and positioning in our social networks of your business.
• By leveraging our advanced digital marketplace you can explore and promote tourism in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, as we provide the ideal platform for growing your competitiveness.

Save time and money on effective advertising and reach potential markets through our referrals.

Send up-to-date promotions to promote them through our social networks.


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