Charming and Colonial Granada.

If you travel to Nicaragua, you can’t miss a visit to Granada, famous for being the oldest town in all Central America.The city of Granada is one of the most important and most visited destinations in Nicaragua. The colonial architecture of its old center, many museums, galleries, hotels, restaurants, bars and a cosmopolitan ambiance make this city a destination itself. However, it also be could be a good starting point to explore the region.The oldest city in Central America founded in 1524 keeps like treasure its old colonial architecture. Located 27 miles (45 km) from Managua on the north shores of Lake Nicaragua; the biggest lake in Central America where you can find fresh water sharks. The main highway Managua-Granada is a scenic route, as are the majority of Nicaraguan roads. This majestic city is a perfect gateway to enjoy all the bounties that Nicaragua offers, like nature, canopy, adventure, history, culture, kayaking, volcano climbing, shopping and much more. Our recommendation is to spend at least two nights so you can enjoy the atmosphere of this beautiful city.Granada is also known as La Gran Sultana, in reflection of its Moorish and Andalusian appearance, unlike its sister city of León and historical rival, which displays Castilian trends. Now, Its very popular and well known as a Touristic Town.

The Mombacho Volcano, which features an exotic cloud forest, is situated in this department. Some water sports can be practiced around the shores the department has on Lake Nicaragua, which asre also ideal for a good swim. The interesting and easily accessible archipelago of ‘Las Isletas’, constituted by more than 350 small islets, is also located here. Furthermore, the enigmatic Zapatera Archipelago – which preserves part of its forest and an archaeological pre-Columbian treasure, is situated on the lake.

Other interesting sites are the peasant farms that offer rural tourism activities, such as those located in the city of Nandaime, Diriá and Diriomo. The last two cities are also part of the ‘Bewitched Villages’, together with other cities of Masaya. The Apoyo Lagoon Natural Reserve covers some of the territory of this department.

Granada’s restaurants have received international recognition by newspapers like the New York Times. In the city of Granada, there are many restaurants including Café Espressonista, Ciudad Lounge, Pita Pita,Tercer Ojo, Garden Café, Café de los Sueños La Hacienda Restaurant. In recent years, the city of Granada’s evolving culinary scene mixes local and international flavors, as well as supporting farm-to-table sustainability of local growers and producers. Granada’s economy continues to grow in big part because it is fast becoming a tourist attraction for its colonial architecture, as well as its ecological beauty and now as a food destination.Nothing more to add I invite you to visit this charming and colorful city. Why Not Nicaragua?